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Portfolio Management


portfolio management

It is our nature to be innovative and we believe we have the scale to hire and combine international talent with varied skills and backgrounds. We believe that our greatest quality, however, is the ability to be agile in a changing world where size is not enough, and speed is essential.

We know first-hand that no clients are alike. In fact, one of the key reasons why our clients work with us is because of our client-focused approach.
Our process first starts by listening to our clients and truly understanding their needs, challenges, and vision. We then get to work on designing a solution that is tailor-made.


Portfolio Management

Asset Classes

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

  • Alternatives & Private Market



Investment Office

Directly linked to the Endowment approach is the use of a fully independent private Investment Office at the center of our investment expertise. Instead of working with segregated teams to create building blocks into an allocation, the investment office blends its expertise into one investment team that manages clients’ portfolios.

The Investment Committee meets regularly to discuss market views and monitor the parameters on which the strategic allocation was based with the aim of assessing the validity of the theses.

All human resources are working together building, managing and monitoring the wealth of our clients.

The Investment Office builds its convictions by coupling a top down analysis of the macro themes that are shaping the investment world and markets today, with a fundamental bottom up approach that is built with a focus on long-term thinking, value creation and wealth preservation.

Crescendo Capital Crescendo Capital
Crescendo Capital Crescendo Capital
Crescendo Capital


portfolio management

Types of mandates 

Building and managing multi-asset class portfolios is a core activity of Crescendo. Whether on an advisory or discretionary basis, our experienced teams help you define and execute an investment strategy that best suits your risk profile and meets your objectives.

  • For clients who wish to delegate the investment of their portfolios to Crescendo. We construct a specific portfolio and allocate assets in such a way to meet the specific and often unique requirements. The client is regularly informed of investment decisions and changes through reporting, portfolio reviews and meetings.

  • For clients who are seeking advice on their investment decisions, we offer an advisory solution, which can be targeted to specific needs. This ranges from support on investments or fund selection to asset allocation and reporting to governance, oversight and planning.


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