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Family Office Services


family office services

Today’s investors face a number of challenges as the vast majority of the financial industry brings no to little added value; fees often exceed the value generated by most participants, advice is not always independent and often conflicted, performance reporting is opaque and incentives are rarely properly aligned with the ones expressed by the capital owner.

In a complex and fast-changing world, the main objective of a wealth manager is to guide and assist in the establishment and implementation of a solid wealth management strategy that will span and prosper across generations.

Once wealth is created, protection and enhancement become the keywords


Family office services

Key Services

    • Family Office Solutions

    • Advisory Services

    • Wealth Structuring



Family office services

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts coordinates the complex activities of our clients to offer Family Office Solutions and Advisory Services.

  • Clients can expect to benefit from:
  • Wealth, Estate and Legacy Planning

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Centralization of third party services

  • Internal Governance

  • Consolidation

  • In-house Control & Risk Management

Crescendo Capital
Crescendo Capital
Crescendo Capital


Family Office Services

List of Services

Our Family Office Services are offered in partnership with W&P Advisors.

Crescendo will establish with the Client an investment policy, which defines the wishes and objectives of the family. In line with this, the Investment Office creates a tailor-made recommended asset allocation of capital. Thanks to the ongoing discipline and rigor of the Private Investment Office team, this investment strategy will be implemented and monitored carefully.
Portfolio and treasury management, reporting and custody are some amongst various essential services that the Private Investment Office will take care of in order to assure the successful implementation of the Client’s investment policy.

At any given time, but particularly during inter-generational transfer, without appropriate planning, wealth can be threatened by various undesirable factors, such as political risks, succession laws, divorce, taxation, creditor claims ...
Through our professional partnerships across the regions, our experienced team provides assistance with high-level estate planning solutions. The most common set ups include the establishment of trusts, foundations, private investment companies, private trust companies, private family funds and securitization vehicles.

Our involvement and guidance scalable according to the needs of the Client and/or the investment strategy. It ranges between setting up of a special investment vehicle, handling of real property or business purchases, negotiating agreements, selecting the most favorable jurisdictions for entities operating under the same umbrella and implementing international structures for complex transactions.

Based on the Family’s unique needs and wishes, an inclusive and flexible structure is put in place to satisfy the current and future generations. Our main goal is to see the Family thrive and prosper now and in the future.

It may become overwhelming to supervise all family advisors or providers individually. Our Coordination Services include the procurement and review of legal and tax opinions, cooperation and liaison with third parties and verification of fees and invoices.

Through our exclusive consolidation services, a comprehensive report providing an aggregated view of the Client’s assets including an in-depth analysis of the performance with a detailed monitoring of flows and fees incurred is provided to each Client.


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