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Private Debt

"Private Debt has grown from a niche strategy to an investment solution that is today widely recognized and used by investors. While the low-interest-rate environment has certainly helped the strategy entice interest, the strategy has also shown its ability to add value over the market cycle and anchor a broader portfolio against traditional financial market volatility"

- Jacques Diwan, Partner and Chief Executive Officer



Key Facts

  • Research Team in New-York & Geneva

  • 7 funds since 2012

  • 70+ unique transactions







Today, banks and other traditional lenders are disappearing from the market due to a combination of regulatory as well as economic reasons.


There are simply fewer sources of financing available to borrowers. Private Credit strategies are able to illustrate this large and growing demand gap for financing.


The returns generated from private credits strategies are stable and uncorrelated to traditional financial markets, thus offering predictability and diversification.


Expert credit managers can add value based on their deal sourcing, deal structuring, risk management, and speed.






Crescendo Capital


Private Debt

Investment Philosophy

We believe that an approach that has a ‘credit first’ mentality combined with considered legal structuring and an active and on-going monitoring can generate superior results.

Our direct investment strategy seeks to generate consistent, uncorrelated returns predominantly based on current income generated from senior secured, directly originated loans and debt instruments.

When allocating to private debt funds, we look for managers who share our credit, legal and transparency focus. Success is not just a function of deal sourcing, but quite importantly also depends on execution and process.




Private debt

Investment Strategies Offered  

Private Market Opportunities Fund Special Situation Fund (PMOF SS)

Launched in August 2018, the PMOF Special Situations Private Credit is a closed-end fund focusing on special situations in private credit, with the goal of providing qualified investors attractive, credit-oriented investment strategies, emphasizing low volatility and preservation of capital.

  • Vintage 1: Launched in 3Q 2018

  • Vintage 2: Coming soon

Private Market Opportunities Fund High Income (PMOF High Income)

Launched in August 2018, the PMOF Special Situations High Income Fund is a closed-end fund focusing on private credit opportunities across the U.S and Europe. The fund allocates its capital across both selected external managers as well as in direct deals.

  • Vintage 1: Launched in August 2018

  • Vintage 2: Launch 3Q 2020

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