Our Strategies

Greater Innovation

Crescendo Group has a tradition of innovating rather than accepting the status quo. At some times, this has translated in positioning our portfolio differently than the broad market, at others it has meant developing entirely new investment mandates in order to access remote opportunities that others simply miss.

Deep In-House Competence

We have invested in hiring and developing the internal depth of expertise necessary to identify the right opportunities and to implement them safely. With these in-house resources we are better able to leverage our select network of family offices, high net worth individuals, asset allocators and consultants, mainly on the buy side.


It is our nature to be innovative and we have sufficient scale to hire and develop world-class talent. Our greatest quality, however, is the ability to be agile in a changing world where size is not enough and speed is essential.

Broader Opportunity Set

While cash, equities and bonds are integral elements of a portfolio, there is much more to the story. We provide counsel and access to a broad range of alternative strategies and private capital investments in order to build a portfolio that can enhance risk-adjusted return over a market cycle.

Multi-asset Class

The multi-asset class strategy aims at preserving and growing investor capital over the long-term with a low volatility thanks to the benefit of diversification across a wide range of asset classes, including non-traditional investments such as Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Private Lending and Real Estate.

Having a portfolio exposure to these alternative asset classes provides an attractive annual return over the long-term and also generates a stable recurring income.

Crescendo Group, through its extensive network and rigorous due diligence process can create high quality multi-asset class portfolios by investing in a careful selection of fund managers with a longstanding and successful experience in each of these asset classes, along with cost-efficient investments such as ETFs or direct lines.


Fixed Income
Crescendo invests in the Structured Credit and Fixed Income markets by identifying managers with outstanding records, with a broad mandate, or who invest in a specific region or underlying asset, in order to generate yield with a managed and diversified risk.

Private Lending
Crescendo Group has an in house competence in the private debt space, developed long before the 2008 financial crisis. The opportunities covered include corporate and consumer loans, trade finance, professional and real estate loans. Originally destined to selected clients who understood the benefits of investing directly in loans, access to this specific asset class is now given to our broad client base, whether directly or through managed pooled vehicles.

Real Estate
Crescendo Group has built an in-house capability to identify and exploit real estate assets to produce inflation-protected income that is sustainable over the whole market cycle.

Real Estate

Supported by Crescendo Private Capital Solutions and Crescendo Real Estate Partners, Crescendo Group is able to deliver access to the real estate market in two ways: via direct investments and indirectly via private partnerships.

Crescendo Group has the resources to implement the strategy that best suits the clients objectives. We believe real estate plays an important role in a client portfolio.


Crescendo believes that structured products represent an efficient way to complete a multi asset class approach for a portfolio because of their high level of flexibility and efficient, focused, performance characteristics. 

Crescendo have now brought in-house the expertise required to tailor specific structures for individual portfolios using a broad network of the world largest dealers.  This provides investors in our diversified public and private investments another means of introducing multi-asset class market views with explicit constraints and costs. 

Crescendo also provides after-sales service for profit taking and restructuring in the secondary market.