Our Services

Greater Innovation

Crescendo Group has a tradition of innovating rather than accepting the status quo. At some times, this has translated in positioning our portfolio differently than the broad market, at others it has meant developing entirely new investment mandates in order to access remote opportunities that others simply miss.

Deep In-House Competence

We have invested in hiring and developing the internal depth of expertise necessary to identify the right opportunities and to implement them safely. With these in-house resources we are better able to leverage our select network of family offices, high net worth individuals, asset allocators and consultants, mainly on the buy side.


It is our nature to be innovative and we have sufficient scale to hire and develop world-class talent. Our greatest quality, however, is the ability to be agile in a changing world where size is not enough and speed is essential.

Broader Opportunity Set

While cash, equities and bonds are integral elements of a portfolio, there is much more to the story. We provide counsel and access to a broad range of alternative strategies and private capital investments in order to build a portfolio that can enhance risk-adjusted return over a market cycle.

Customised Portfolios

After an assessment of the client's needs in terms of risk tolerance and performance expectations, Crescendo Group proposes a strategy which includes: the type of mandate, management objectives and asset class guidelines.

Together with the client, we establish a tailored-made portfolio and allocate assets in such a way as to fulfil the clients needs and objectives. A clear and detailed wealth management report is produced on a monthly basis and addresses all aspects of the portfolio to include asset allocation, forex allocation, performance and performance attribution, transactions, flows, positions.

In our quarterly management report, we review asset and forex allocation, portfolio performance, main transactions and projected investments. We can schedule quarterly meetings/conference calls at the client demand.

We ensure accurate and timely execution of administrative services by coordinating the activities of client service, operations and administrative personnel.


Pooled Vehicles

Pooled vehicles are discretionary investment portfolios managed by our senior investment professionals. These funds may provide exposure to a variety of asset class strategies or to tactical opportunities.

These strategies serve our customized portfolio clients and are selectively available to qualified institutional and individual investors.


Specialised Mandates

We manage specialized mandates for a wide range of large capital pools, investing a portion of a large pool of capital in a specific asset class or opportunity.

These mandates are often focused on alternative strategies, private markets and real estate and allow significant investors to customize both objectives and exposures while forming a partnership with a leading investment firm.